Handbooks and guides

Whether you read them from cover to cover or you save them to your desktop as an accessible reference, Eaton’s handbooks are comprehensive power management guides that can help you understand the fundamentals, answer common questions or find the right solutions. Download a handbook today.

UPS Fundamentals Handbook

Topics include:

  • How to size a UPS
  • What is three-phase power?
  • Top Industry FAQ

Quick guide to power distribution

Topics include:

  • Which rack PDU is right for you?
  • Typical PDU configurations
  • PDU monitoring and software

Rack and Enclosures Fundamentals Handbook

Topics include:

  • Rack and enclosure types
  • Application requirements
  • Cable management tips

Large Battery Handbook

Topics include:

  • How to extend the life of your UPS
  • Battery types
  • Battery maintenance