How `software-defined` is redefining the modern data center

Modern data centers are being transformed in dramatic fashion. Software-defined data centers are increasingly becoming the norm for IT organizations looking to reduce infrastructure costs, improve resiliency against unplanned service outages and make IT resources easier to manage and scale. Eaton and TechTarget report on where IT professionals are today and the direction the industry is going.

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Powering healthcare: continuous uptime in the medical sector
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Recommended use of LSIG-equipped circuit breakers in UPS applications
A UPS with an input or output isolation transformer, may require LSIG breakers upstream and downstream of the UPS for effective fault protection. But any UPS that does not include an isolation transformer in its power train is protected by the single LSIG incorporated in its feeder through its output until the first isolation transformer which may be in a PDU (Power Distribution Unit).

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