Energy Advantage Architecture

The rising demand for highly available, reliable and efficient power is a continuous challenge for Data Center operators. Energy efficiency is sought after to answer to increasing environmental, regulatory and economic pressure. Eaton’s Energy Advantage Architecture (EAA) is the solution to that challenge.

The EAA brings new ways to maximize UPS energy efficiencies without compromising on reliability, thus allowing engineers and facility managers to get the best possible performance from their UPS. Reducing financial and environmental costs, the EAA consists of two complementary Eaton-proprietary innovative technologies:

Variable Module Management System (VMMS)

Maximise energy efficiency also at lighter loads

UPS efficiency increases with load level, but lighter loads are the rule rather than the exception. The solution is Eaton’s VMMS technology which optimizes overall system efficiency even at low load levels. Read More...

Energy Saver System (ESS)

The highest reliability with the highest efficiency

With 99% leading market efficiency, your UPS can pay for itself by dramatically reducing facility power and cooling costs. Read More...


Media Brief

Media Brief

Eaton’s New Energy Advantage Architecture Maximises Efficiency of Large Data Centres
ESS presentation Thumbnail

Energy Advantage Architecture presentation

An overview on Eaton's innovative technologies bringing new ways to maximize UPS energy efficiencies without compromising on reliability
VMMS datasheet Thumbnail

VMMS datasheet

Learn more about VMMS
EES datasheet Thumbnail

ESS datasheet

Learn more about ESS