Powerware Sola 26 product image

Sola 26

Multi-Voltage, Hard Wired Power Conditioners for Industrial Applications

The Sola 26 range of power conditioners provide an immediate answer to power protection for your sensitive equipment

Built to Protect

  • Remote computer peripherals
  • Copiers and laser printers
  • Process control equipment
  • CNC machinery
  • Programmable logic controls (PLC's)
  • Photographic equipment
  • Entire installations

Frequently, power transformers are incorporated with process equipment to provide specific voltages for sensitive equipment. Unfortunately, outside interferences will vary the output from these transformers, causing the sensitive equipment to malfunction or fail. The Sola 26 Range of power conditioners provide an immediate answer to this inconvenience, by suppressing and isolating power line interference and regulating the output voltage to +/-5%. These hard wired power conditioners provide the unique feature of selectable input tap for greater versatility and output voltage taps are also provided. These features make the Sola 26 power conditioner the ideal choice for a regulated power supply where a three-phase source is provided without a neutral line.

The Sola 26 Power conditioner provides superior noise rejection, exceeding 120dB common mode and 60dB transverse mode noise rejection. By nature of design, this product is a true, ultra isolation device. The Sola 26 is available from 250va through to 15kVA as a panel mounted, hard wired unit.