System Installation and Commissioning for Hard Wired Products

System Installation

When you make that important decision to invest in a power protection strategy you can take comfort from the fact that Eaton is here to help you integrate this critical infrastructure. We can coordinate the on site positioning and electrical connection including switchboards and outlet circuits. We can also install Precision Air Conditioning systems and Access Control Systems. Let the experts professionally install your system. Please call us to arrange an obligation free quotation.

System Commissioning

Protect your warranty
Rest assured that your power system has been properly installed and correctly set up to serve its intended purpose by letting Eaton commission the system. Without the manufacturers commissioning, warranty coverage can be void when problems arise from incorrect installation. Ensure that commissioning is included as part of your product purchase.
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Eaton delivers on-site support from a base of more than 20 service centres across Australia and 950 certified international service providers. With over 40 local technicians, we can support many brands including those manufactured by Eaton, such as Sola, Exide Electronics, International Power Machine (IPM), Deltec, DataTrax, LorTec and Swichtec, Intergy, Best Power, Fiskars and Hawker Energy.

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