PowerShield Battery Monitoring

Batteries faults are the highest cause of the UPS failure. Given that your UPS supports mission critical systems, failure of the batteries can potentially have very costly consequences.

The PowerShield Battery monitoring systems eliminates the cause of 80% of UPS failure, namely, battery faults. With this comes increased peace of mind, fewer battery purchases and reduced call out charges.

PowerShield Battery Monitoring – Features & Benefits

  • Protect your business from losses by avoiding costly downtime, lost data or contract payouts with unexpected battery failures
  • Optimise your battery life and save money by not replacing too early or too late
  • Increase safety by increasing visibility of potentially catastrophic conditions
  • Receive 24/7 alarm notification to ensure you and your team react in a timely manner
  • Ability to pinpoint and predict battery faults, reducing maintenance and replacement costs
  • Enhance security by limited access to sensitive areas for external service providers