Eaton power for VSPEX Private Cloud – 125 Virtual Machines

Reference Design and Other Specifications
125 VM Reference Design 125 VM
VSPEX Components
Compute Cisco UCS C220 M3 Servers with Cisco UCS P81E VIC
Networking Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switch with Nexus 1000v
Storage EMC VMX 5300
Power distribution and protection
Model/description Quantity Part number Input Outlets Benefits
Managed ePDU 2 eMAA12 IEC C20 16A (20) C13, (4) C19 Remotely control and measure the power consumption of each VSPEX element, EnergyWise certified
10 kW UPS (6U) 1 9PX11KiRTNBP Hardwired (4) C19, Hardwired ENERGY STAR compliant, high density UPS with network management, generator friendly, provides 4 minutes of battery runtime at 9kW load
Extended Battery Module (3U) Included (add up to 11 modules) 9PXEBM240 + 9RK n/a n/a Increase runtime from standard to 20 minutes
Rack infrastructure
Model/description Quantity Part number     Benefits
42U rack 1 P1PCP1    Sturdy enclosure design for high density systems like VSPEX. 600mm wide enterprise rack allows plenty of room for cabling
Environmental Monitoring Probe EMP001     Set up actions and alerts on humidity and temperature events within the rack
Power Management Software
Model/description Quantity Part number     Benefits
Intelligent Power Manager 1 Free web download     Manage power and initiate VM live migration through Site Recovery Manager or leverage Eaton's Load Shedding capabilities all from your vCenter console