Power Xpert 9395P UPS

Technologies of Success

The Power Xpert 9395P is available with a range of technologies to reduce your TCO and improve system resiliency.

Reducing your TCO


Energy Saver System (ESS)

Advanced architecture to significantly improve UPS energy efficiency (to 99%+) with no compromise in power quality. Launched in 2008 and now with an installed base of thousands of units, ESS has proven its reliability and established its benefits to become the market leading UPS energy saver technology.


Variable Module Management System (VMMS)

Maximises parallel UPS system efficiencies at low load levels, while supplying continuous double-conversion power. When using VMMS, power modules can be optimised to match the optimal load level of individual modules.

Easy Capacity Test (ECT)

Easy Capacity Test (ECT)

Enables testing of the entire power train of the 9395 under full load stress – all without connecting an external load. This eliminates the need to rent load banks, make temporary load connections, or waste energy, time or money during start-up and commissioning and scheduled maintenance.

Improving system resiliency through smart and resilient design



Parallel load-sharing technology which increases reliability whilst eliminating the risk of single point of failure. HotSync technology guarantees the safe and reliable operation of the UPS by synchronising parallel power modules and UPSs without the need for a communication link or synchronization signals.

Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

Extends the life of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, through an intelligent charging routine, preventing unnecessary charging and significantly retarding the battery wear rate. ABM technology is a widely used and accepted technology with a 20 year proven track record.