ViewUPS-X product image

ViewUPS-X Remote LCD display

ViewUPS-X Remote LCD display provides a way of monitoring UPS status from a distance. It has 4 LEDs that show the operating status of the UPS at a glance. Its audible alarm notifies administrators immediately if there is a problem with the UPS.

The remote panel is powered by the UPS through the connecting Cat 5 twisted pair cable. This way it is only dependent on the UPS.

The ViewUPS-X bundle consists of the panel itself, a dedicated X-Slot card, mounting kits for wall and table installation, and 10 m cable. The maximum distance between the card and the display is 100 m.

The ViewUPS-X card features also a 15 pin relay port, similar to that of the AS/400 card. That and also other ports of the cards are SELV isolated, which makes them suitable for marine applications and floating electrical networks

Features and Benefits

  • LCD display provides information in easy to understand form
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Overall operational status indicated with four LEDs 
  • Blue back light 
  • Audible alarm 
  • XSlot card has SELV isolated ports 
  • 100 m maximum distance with standard Cat 5 twisted pair cable and RJ45 connectors