Eaton Supercapacitor Back-up Power Solution

Eaton Supercapacitor Back-up Power Solution

Superior back-up power for short runtimes

A short runtime back-up power solution has traditionally meant high-maintenance batteries, or a less efficient mechanical flywheels with a very short autonomy time. The new Eaton XML Supercapacitor modules – combined with an Eaton UPS – offers a new back-up power solution that is:

  • Highly reliable
  • Economical
  • Maintenance-free
  • Manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials

When protecting the loads from the most common power quality problems and black-outs for a short period of time, Eaton Supercapacitors are the ideal, reliable solution for your applications in manufacturing, healthcare, datacenter and infrastructure projects. It is also a perfect solution for applications where traditional battery backed solutions cannot be used.

The economical alternative

The unique characteristics of the Eaton Supercapacitors combine to make them the most economical alternative for your back-up power solution.

It offers:

  • Reduced CAPEX due to longer lifetime, lower infrastructure costs and greater scalability
  • Lower operating costs due to minimal maintenance or spare parts being required
  • Complete peace of mind due to the reliability, quality and seamless, validated integration with Eaton UPSs.

The Solution

The Supercapacitor back-up power solution is available for all of the latest 3-phase Eaton UPS products starting from 8kW single units up to 7700 kW parallel UPS systems providing back-up time from seconds to minutes.

Supercapacitor UPS range

What is a supercapacitor?

Eaton Supercapacitors are highly reliable, high power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices utilizing electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with proprietary materials and processes. This combination of advanced technologies allows Eaton to offer a wide variety of capacitor solutions tailored to applications for back-up power.

Eaton Supercapacitors are maintenance-free with environmentally friendly materials for a green power solution having design lifetimes up to 20 years and operating temperatures down to -40°C and up to +65°C.