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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Understanding operating modes

From the IT to CIO/CFO level, there are significant pressures to control costs. Effective management of total cost of ownership (TCO) is now a requirement, not a luxury. In the past, 99% UPS efficiency may have not been an option, but today, it is Eaton’s standard. If efficiency is a decision-making criteria for you, take a moment to understand Eaton’s different offerings.

99% counts- Energy Saver System (ESS)

Improves the efficiency levels to 99%, by suspending the power modules when power conditioning is not required. The power is fed through the static bypass switch, and the UPS is ready to switch to double-conversion mode in less than two milliseconds, in the event of exceeding pre-set input limits. In addition to extremely low losses, the ESS mode provides filtering against fast low-energy transients. It is simply the most advanced, most reliable, fastest-reacting energy-saver architecture available.

CO2 Emission Reduction
*1 x 9395P 1100 kW in ESS mode with 27% load level over 10 years compared to double conversion mode

ESS is the most proved and reliable energy saving system on the market with many years of usage within a wide install base. When comparing to extremely high double conversion efficiency, ESS mode can still reduce the losses by 74% with a typical UPS load.

900000 kVA

Optimized double conversion efficiency - Variable Module Management System (VMMS)

VMMSHelps you achieve high efficiency even when UPS load levels are low - typical for redundant UPS systems. VMMS can optimise the load levels of power modules in a single UPS or in parallel UPS systems, by suspending extra UPS capacity. This means not only greater efficiency at lower load levels, but optimum efficiency at all load levels, as illustrated below.

VMMS and ESS are intelligent operation modes to optimise the UPS performance to match the load changes or power quality. Thanks to inherent load sharing the 9395P system is able to maintain the maximum load protection even with total loss of communication under varying load and power conditions.

Double conversion efficiency

High energy efficiency in double conversion mode significantly lowers operation costs and provides savings in air cooling. Replacing an older generation UPS with a state-of-the-art Eaton UPS will be paid back in 2-3 years.

Easy Capacity Test

ECTLoad testing can be costly and time consuming - but not with the Eaton UPS. Easy Capacity Test feature recirculates energy from the UPS for testing. So there's no need to spend money renting load banks, and no time or energy wasted on temporary load connections.

ECT makes on-site testing easier during commissioning and schedules maintenance by eliminating the need for big and expensive load banks and testing related operational costs. By utilising ECT for on-site testing of a system of 6 units, it is possible to save the purchase price of one UPS.

Reducing your total cost of ownership

Reduce TCOLow operation costs and a fast return on your investment can now be achieved thanks to the latest developments in UPS hardware and the proven technologies built in to Eaton UPS.