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Technology Innovations

Tradition of Technical Innovation

From patenting the first AC inverter in 1962 to submitting eight new patents for the Eaton 9390 UPS, as well as DC power rectifier and battery cell measurement technology patents, Eaton has a continuing history of technical innovation. With more than 264 active patents and another 178 patents pending, we maintain a long tradition of using our technical expertise to provide customers with what they need most in a power management solution:

2014 Eaton’s innovative ESS Plus is the first in the industry to enable large, three-phase UPSs operating in eco or energy-saving modes to mitigate harmonics, correct power factor and balance loads for increased reliability and efficiency.
2014 A unique grip system for Eaton´s third generation rack power distribution units (ePDU G3). The integrated grip ensures that IT equipment is protected against IEC plugs being accidentally knocked out during maintenance or come loose through vibration. The grip system works with any IEC plug, no need to buy special cables or brackets.
2013 Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software wins the “Best of VMworld 2013” Gold Award in the Virtualization Management category.
2012 First power management company to achieve VMware Ready™ certification and offer automatic virtual machine synchronization and initiation of a backup site to avoid data loss and reduce downtime during power outages within VMware® vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager.
2012 Eaton is the first UPS manufacturer to offer capabilities to remotely shut down a host server during a power outage within VMware® vSphere™ High Availability (HA) mode with its latest version of Intelligent Power® Manager software.
2011 Developed industry’s first 5000A static switch for increased current capacity to data centers, which uses leading edge integrated heatpipe technology to extend traditional 4000A capability to 5000A.
2011 Demonstrated an Eaton 9395 UPS interface to photovoltaic solar panels. Proved concept that a UPS can integrate to an intermittent, highly efficient renewable energy source and still provide uninterrupted power to a critical load.
2010 First in the industry to integrate into VMware® vCenter™ server virtualization platform, resulting in reduced infrastructure and operating costs as well as increased productivity and responsiveness.
2010 First UPS to receive SMaRT™ certification, allowing the 9395 to help projects earn LEED credit points.
2009 Eaton introduces Intelligent Power® Manager software, an intuitive, cost-effective and secure way for IT managers to remotely manage and monitor all of their networked power and environmental devices across the enterprise.
2009 First UPS with double-conversion protection and 99% efficiency up to 1100 kVA
2007 Advanced load testing without the requirement of an external load for Eaton 9395 UPS models from 225 to 1100 kVA with the Easy Capacity Test.
2007 Eaton introduces a quantum leap in large, three-phase UPS technology, the Eaton 9395, which incorporates a modular and upgradeable design with internal redundancy for maximum reliability.
2007 Eaton introduces the high power density and high efficiency Eaton BladeUPS rackmount UPS, a 12 kVA modular UPS featuring N+1 parallel redundant systems up to 60 kVA with modular distribution.
2005 First UPS featuring full power processing to verify internal converter operation and site commissioning tests without external load banks.
2005 First UPS with full power battery discharge independent of attached load for battery integrity testing
2004 Modular transformer-free UPS up to 160 kVA, integrating an unmatched combination of power performance, battery management, scalable architecture, flexibility, and service
2003 First 6 kVA UPS in 3U for high-density rack applications increases power density by 33%.
2003 First 3kW DC power rectifier module with power density greater than 10W/cu in.
2003 Second-generation wireless paralleling for high-frequency power inverters
2002 First dual source UPS for rackmount applications
2002 First DC power system with cell phone (SMS) text message alarm and status capability.
2002 First full 100Mbps switch hub integrated on a network card
2001 First HFSM DC power system design designed specifically for IT applications including “Power-over-LAN”
2001 First DC power system with integrated, networkable monitoring and control for auxiliary equipment
2001 UPS with 3 kVA increases power density by 40%
1998 First DC power system with battery runtime prediction
1997 First DC power rectifier module with Active Voltage Control (AVC) to maintain bus voltage to within ±0.01V
1997 First DC power rectifier module with greater than 92% efficiency at typical loads
1996 First UPS with wireless paralleling
1993 First UPS to offer load segmentation
1993 First UPS with ABM technology to extend battery life
1992 First DC power rectifier module with power density greater than 5W/cu in.
1991 First microprocessor based DC power system controller
1989 First high-frequency transformer-free UPS
1987 First high-frequency switch mode rack power systems specifically designed for telecommunications
1987 First UPS with advanced pulse-width modulated (PWM) technology and microprocessor-based diagnostics
1986 First commercially available 200W high-frequency switch mode DC power systems for telecommunications applications
1986 First UPS over 100 kVA for computer rooms
1982 First UPS suitable for computer rooms
1982 First UPS suitable specifically designed for offices
1976 First UPS for emergency lighting HID lamps
1972 First fault-tolerant and parallel UPS
1972 First all digitally-controlled UPS
1968 First commercial UPS combining battery chargers and inverters
1962 First AC power inverter