Eaton integrates with virtual platforms

Eaton integrates with virtual platforms

Managing your power infrastructure within a virtual platform is vital for increasing the uptime and reliability of your IT applications.

Manage power in virtual environments
Eaton Intelligent Power software makes it easy to manage power devices in virtualised environments. It plugs into leading virtual machine management systems, including VMWare vCentre and XenCenter, and integrates power management functions so that all UPSs and ePDUs in the virtual network can be viewed in the same application, together with network, physical server and storage information.

Ensure high uptime, data integrity and business continuity
The Intelligent Power Software helps IT professionals achieve peace of mind through infrastructure-aware business continuity and disaster recovery policies including sequential load shedding, data replication, live migration of virtual machines to a backup site or cloud and graceful shutdown of virtual machines in case of power and environmental events. Such integration makes Eaton power devices the ideal power infrastructure solution for virtual and cloud-based IT applications including converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions from NetApp, EMC, Simplivity and other vendors.

Intelligent Power Software integration into industry-leading virtualisation platforms

  VMware Citrix Microsoft Red Hat
Create flexible business continuity policies
triggered by power and environmental events
star icon star icon star icon star icon
Shutdown virtual machines star icon star icon star icon star icon
Trigger live migration star icon star icon star icon  
Manage virtual machines and power through a single
pane of glass
star icon star icon    
Real-time notification of power outages star icon star icon star icon  
Virtual desktop infrastructure integration star icon star icon    
Shutdown a host in a cluster without installing software
on each host
star icon star icon    
Virtual appliance star icon * * *
Disaster avoidance, recovery site backup star icon      

* OVF compliant; fully tested on VMWare

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