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Basic ePDUs

Eaton Basic ePDUs are designed for reliable and cost effective power distribution.

Metered Input ePDUs

Eaton Metered Input ePDUs allow users to remotely monitor the current draw of the unit and individual sections.

Metered Outlet ePDUs

Eaton Metered Outlet ePDUs monitor and measure critical factors at the outlet level.

Managed ePDUs

Eaton Managed ePDUs provide ability to monitor, manage and control individual outlets.

Eaton Automatic Transfer Switches

The Eaton eATS ePDUs automatically transfer power from the primary source to a secondary source.

Fuse Disconnect ePDUs

Offers high amp interrupt capacity giving the ability to clear higher fault currents.

FlexPDUs & HotSwap MBP

Eaton FlexPDUs increase power distribution from a single UPS and provide more flexibility.

Remote Emergency Power Off (RE)

Eaton's remote emergency ePDUs allow for immediate emergency power off control.


Eaton ePDU cable portfolio includes nearly two dozen choices to support your data center.


Eaton ePDU accessories consist of a variety of kit and bracket options for all ePDUs.