Eaton Cages

Built to the durable standards of our enclosure systems, our rugged steel cage construction ensures structural integrity. Our unique uni-body design with 3/8" perforations is large enough to provide ample ventilation while maintaining a secure structure. Cages are modular and reconfigurable to scale to your future requirements. Options such as segmenting a large cage or adding on to an existing configuration allow you to adapt to changing needs.

Eaton Cages – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Standard Heights 7, 8, 9 and 10 ft. options
Linear widths/depths Available in 1 ft. increments
Doors Sliding
Lock Standard mechanical keylock. Additional locking options available.
Item Number Product Name Replacing Part
Door Blanks
SSBLANK Lock Blank, No Cut Out 010129X
SSBLANKCO Lock Blank with Cut-Out 010130X
Ceiling Supports
SSTFTRK Top Frame, Threaded Rod Kit
Wall Supports
SSTFWMK Top Frame Wall Mount Kit
Mounting Components
SSENDBKT07 Wall Mount End Bracket 7'
SSENDBKT08 Wall Mount End Bracket 8'
SSENDBKT09 Wall Mount End Bracket 9'
SSENDBKT10 Wall Mount End Bracket 10'
Inside Tee
SSIT07 Inside Tee 7'
SSIT08 Inside Tee 8'
SSIT09 Inside Tee 9'
SSIT10 Inside Tee 10'
Side Support
SSWSS07 Wall Side Support 7'
SSWSS0810 Wall Side Support 8’ – 10’
Inside Corner Upright
SSCU07R Inside Corner Upright 7'
SSCU08R Inside Corner Upright 8'
SSCU09R Inside Corner Upright 9'
SSCU10R Inside Corner Upright, 10'
End Corner Assy
SSENDCVR07 End Cover Asy 7'
SSENDCVR08 End Cover Asy 8'
SSENDCVR09 End Cover Asy 9'
SSENDCVR10 End Cover Asy 10'
Outside Tee
SSOT07 Outside Tee 7'
SSOT08 Outside Tee 8'
SSOT09 Outside Tee 9'
SSOT10 Outside Tee 10'

Eaton Cages – Features

  • Secure data center segmentation
  • Modular design for easy reconfiguration
  • Multiple standard height and width options (7,'8',9',10' heights and multiple widths)
  • Ceiling and wall-mounting capabilities
  • Multiple access control options
  • 1 1⁄2" clearance for floor tile access
  • Custom configurations available

Eaton Cages – Documentation

Product & service catalog (overview)
English (US)
5657 kB
Data center line card
English (US)
912 kB

Eaton Cages – Support

Toll free: 800.225.7348 (US Only) or 508.852.4300

160 Gold Star Boulevard
Worcester, MA 01606