Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS)

Eaton Type II Static Transfer Switch (STS)

The Eaton Type II STS transfers electrical loads from one source to another while eliminating the chance of a loss of power to critical equipment by properly coordinating with the electrical distribution system. During a fault condition, the Type II STS continues to conduct current, allowing downstream circuit breakers to work selectively. By incorporating the Eaton Type II STS into your power infrastructure many UPS/building configurations are possible.

Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS) – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Current rating 200-1000A
Voltage 208V or 480V
Accessibility Front, side and rear
Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS)
Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS) Specifications

Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS) – Features

  • Ensures instantaneous transfers without cross connection of sources via patented algorithm
  • Provides redundant internal power distribution in all system control boards
  • Improves system availability by enabling quick response to events through enhanced monitoring and diagnostics
  • Enables maintenance without affecting power to the critical load
  • Delivers high reliability and site-adaptability with digital signal processor-based technology
  • Eliminates fuse replacement with fuse-free, rugged and highly reliable SCR devices
  • Integrates with Eaton data center solutions

Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS) – Documentation

Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS) – Support

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