LanSafe v.5 - Quotes and Reviews

"LanSafe's... GUI client shows an animated power flow through the UPS and has very flexible event controls. Neat."
Bill Wong
Linux Magazine

"Easy to use and comprehensive."
PC Magazine Australia

"LanSafe... power management software ensures data integrity."
Five Star Review

The LanSafe "software installs quickly with its own enforced-choice wizard."
LanSafe has "a good menu-control system for most needed UPS functions" and "it makes managing a single UPS easy (even without training)."
Mary E. Behr
PC Magazine

"The product is a solid performer" and "has all the features the other products offer, while enhancing a few."
"From top to bottom, the software provides an enormous set of options, and it installs and runs without incident. Overall, impressive work."
Andrew Binstock
Performance Computing Magazine