Services overview

Services Overview

The old adage “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” may be feasible in some circumstances, but applying it to the maintenance of a UPS can have devastating consequences. Because you rely on your UPS to deliver continuous power without disruption, proper service is critical to ensuring optimal performance while also minimizing the risks of downtime and extending the life of your UPS.

We have a suite of UPS service offerings and plans, ranging from preventive maintenance with emergency response to proactive part replacements, remote monitoring and efficiency upgrades. You can also learn more about available startup and warranty coverage for our UPSs, batteries and power distribution equipment here.

Why Eaton UPS service?

This video introduces you to Eaton’s UPS service offerings and the value we bring.

Professional assessment and testing services

Proactively detect and help resolve backup power issues with load bank testing, infrared scanning and power quality metering. Download additional information.

PredictPulse remote monitoring

Have eyes on your power infrastructure 24x7 with PredictPulse. It collects and analyzes data from connected devices, providing the insight needed to make recommendations and take action.

Turnkey installation services

Designed to offer maximum convenience and savings, Eaton’s installation services are the perfect solution if you want more than a traditional UPS startup.

Disaster response services

Eaton provides prompt and expert emergency response services to our customers–
even when an event occurs without warning.

Replacement parts

Learn more about capacitor, fan, battery and other replacement parts necessary to keep your critical equipment up and running at all times.

Helpful resources

White papers, checklists and other useful service information to consider during the lifespan of a UPS.

End of Service Life (EOSL) program

Eaton has options available to help identify your power protection needs, select a new UPS, de-commission your legacy system and implement new power protection for critical applications.