Eaton POD+ Technical Specifications

Eaton POD+
Dimensions (H x W x L, mm) 42 x 130 x 383
Weight (kg) 1.0
Power Cord 1.8 metres length
Power Connections
Input voltage 220-250VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Maximum Continuous Load 10 Amps
Test Classification Class III (IEC 61643-1), Category A (ANSI/IEEE C62.41)
Current Limiting Resettable Circuit Breaker
Clamping Voltage (Line to Neutral) 470V
Clamping Voltage (Neutral to Earth) 680V
Response Time 5nS Nominal
Aggregate Surge Current 60,000 Amps
Maximum surge current (one pulse L-N) 40,000 Amps
Maximum surge current (one pulse L-E) 10,000 Amps
Maximum surge current (one pulse N-E) 10,000 Amps
Aggregate Energy Absorption 1470 Joules
Attenuation at full load >40dB @ 1MHz
Network Connections (RJ45)
Lines Protected 1/2, 3/6
Clamping Voltage (Line to Line) <20V
Clamping Voltage (Line to Earth) 600V (375 Vac RMS)
Surge Current - Amp (10/1000us) 20 Amps (2ms) / 40
Phone/Fax Connections (RJ11)
Nominal Line Impedance 6000 Ohms
Maximum Line Voltage 275Vrms
Clamping Voltage (Line to Line) 430V (270Vac RMS)
Clamping Voltage (Line to Earth) 600V (375Vac RMS)
Response Time 500ns nominal
Maximum Surge Current
Peak let-through voltage (3kA L-L)
20,000 Amps
Aggregate energy absorption 300 joules
Video/Aerial Connections
Connections Video Connector & F Type Screw Connector
Nominal Line Impedance 75 Ohms
Signal Loss Approx. 3dB @ 500MHz
Clamping Voltage 600V (375 Vac RMS)
Maximum Surge Current 20,000 Amps
Aggregate energy absorption 200 joules
Due to continual product improvement specifications are subject to change without notice