Eaton SF8RM Technical Specifications

Eaton SF8RM
Dimensions (without brackets)
(H x W x D, mm)
44 x 441 x 120
Weight (kg) 1.2
Enclosure Steel, powder coated, black
Current rating 10A total
Configuration Single-phase, L/N/E.
Surge Protection Category AS/NZS1768-2007 Category B
Primary protection modes L-N, L-E, & N-E
Secondary protection modes L-N, L-E, & N-E
Surge rating (8/20uS L-N) 22.5kA
Let-through voltage < 700V@ 3kA
Overvoltage withstand 300VRMS
Filter type Low Q/low C filter providing differential & common-mode filtering
Attenuation > 50dB above 1MHz
Voltage drop Less than 3V at rated load
Input connection Approved power cord with Australian 10A plug
Output connections Australian 3 pin 10A (x8)
Due to continual product improvement specifications are subject to change without notice