Eaton SPD50NGI Technical Specifications

Eaton SPD50NGI
Dimensions 60 x 15 x 15
Weight (g) 70
Mounting None required for fixed installation (suspended by cable)
Protection Mode Single Mode - connected Neutral-Earth or between separately earthed systems
Service type (N-E protection only) TNS or similar (neutral must be grounded either locally or remotely)
System voltage - Un Applicable to any common LV system voltage
Test Classification Class I & II (IEC 61643-1) Cat B & C ANSI C62.41
External disconnector requirements None
DC breakdown voltage (1mA) 230V +/-20%
Firing voltage 800V +-20%
Operating current <1mA
Surge current rating In (20 times) 50kA (8/20us)
Surge current rating Ismax (2 times) 70kA (8/20us)
Residual voltage with full cable <1.3kV (3kA, 8/20uS)
Residual voltage with minimal cable (100mm total) <1.3kV (15kA, 8/20uS)
<2.5kV (50kA, 8/20uS)
Connections 6mm² cable (black & green/yellow) for connection
Due to continual product improvement specifications are subject to change without notice