Basic Power Protection and UPS Elements

UPS startup

Self-startup, assisted startup or manufacturer-required startup. Find out which one is ideal for you.

UPS form factors

Where do you plan on installing your UPS and how much space does it need? The UPS form factors are a necessary consideration.

VA versus Watts

What is the distinction between the two measurements? Both are important when sizing your equipment.

Input / output connections

Here you will be able to visually confirm plug and receptacle options.

Single or three-phase power

A quick guide to deciphering the difference between single and three-phase power.

Selecting the Right UPS

Series 3, Series 5 and Series 9. Based on the parameters defined by your application, you can select an uninterruptible power system (UPS) from the series that best matches your power protection needs.

Nine Power Problems

Can you name the top nine power problems?