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Blackout and Power Outage Tracker

Eaton explore power outage causes and impacts for your area. You may be surprised at how vulnerable the power grid is to power outages!

The 2018 Blackout Tracker annual report is now available! Download the PDF.

Blackouts affected more than 101 million people during 2018


About the Blackout Tracker Report

Eaton has tracked power outage information since February 16, 2008 in an effort to educate visitors on the causes and impact of power outages. Although we do our best to track this information, we cannot guarantee that every power outage is included in the Blackout Tracker Annual Report.

A power outage is just one of nine common power problems that impact power quality and availability. In many cases, they occur within a building or facility and are not reported publicly. As a result, power-related problems occur far more frequently than what is shown in the Blackout Tracker Annual Report.

How do I protect my data and equipment?

Eaton's line of Power Quality products provide protection against all nine common power problems — including power outages.

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