Eaton Intelligent Power Protector

Eaton’s Intelligent Power Protector (IPP) software provides graceful, automatic shutdown of network devices during a prolonged power disruption, preventing data loss and saving work-in-progress. As part of Eaton’s power network management system, IPP works alongside Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager to deliver comprehensive power management and protection.


Eaton’s Intelligent Power Protector software enables you to:

  • Avoid data loss by gracefully shutting down computers and virtual machines/servers powered by an Eaton UPS during an extended power outage
  • Watchdog capability keeps kiosks with a PC or server running smoothly by automatically identifying hang-ups and rebooting the machine
  • Provides redundancy capability for dual-cord servers
  • Easy-to-use interface from any PC with a Web browser
  • Acquires UPS information through local or network communication and can be easily deployed on many computers
  • Can be remotely managed, configured and updated with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager
  • Can communicate with the protected device directly (via USB) or through the network (via Web/SNMP card)
  • See how IPP integrates into a Network and IT closet solution
  • See how IPP integrates into a Server room solution


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Power Management Connectivity
Option Part Number
Environmental Monitoring Probe
Allows remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and two other contact devices (requires Network Card-MS)
Network Card-MS
Provides real time monitoring and control across UPSs in your network (Card is included with models 5PX1500RTN, 2200RTN, 3000RTUN, 3000iRT2UN)
Relay Card- MS
Enables automatic shutdown and network monitoring of a UPS system
IBM AS/400 Cable
UPS Interface cable for connection of the UPS to IBM iSeries/AS 400
Power Xpert Gateway UPS card
The Power Xpert Gateway UPS card allows direct connection to Ethernet networks and Web access to Eaton Powerware x-slot compatible UPSs.

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